Support Services

OpTech gives facilities using the BBCS Applications as their Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) a new option for the management and support of their BECS. OpTech leverages the advantages of Cloud Computing, centralized BECS Administrative Services and Process Optimization to provide a comprehensive solution for ensuring optimum use of the BBCS BECS.

Centralized Administrative Services

OpTech offers centralized BECS Administrative Services and relief to staff providing support services. More often than not, those providing support services can be overwhelmed with job responsibilities. As BBCS provides upgrades that are more frequent and new products in response to industry demands, the need for supplemental staffing increases. OpTech provides a hub of individuals who specialize in BECS administrative support services. Support services range from management of new release implementations to providing end user support and performing change control management. All of the facilities supporting satellite locations are evidence that remote support and communications over a secure VPN connection is a viable solution for the BBCS Applications.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization is a service provided by OpTech, which establishes best practices, shares standard operating procedures and ultimately minimizes redundant validation efforts. OpTech uses its unique advantage of being able to analyze processes across multiple clients using the same BECS. Identifying trends and areas for improvement, OpTech is then the catalyst that leads those using support services in a collaborative effort to optimize business process to be more effective and cost efficient as it relates to the BECS.