Access to your Legacy Data with Ease

OpTech partners with their sister company, Blood Bank Computer Systems (BBCS), to provide clients no longer using BBCS software with a simple cost-effective solution to electronically access legacy data.

The Look Back Data Management Solution provides past-client blood centers with a version of the BBCS Primary Application so that they can migrate their stagnant historical data to the OpTech cloud, saving them money while staying compliant with AABB Regulations. The simplified application is an easy-to-use, cost-effective way for blood centers to access past donor records in time of need.

AABB Regulations state that: “The collection facility shall have policies, processes, and procedures to notify consignees of blood or blood components from donors subsequently found to have, or to be at risk for, relevant transfusion-transmitted diseases”. When a blood center migrates from one BECS to another, they frequently don’t migrate all information required to comply with AABB regulations. As a result, they are required to maintain access to the old data and old data platform, without the luxury of the applications to present the data.

Key benefits of Lookback Data Management

Simple Solution

The Look Back Data Management Solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.  This eliminates the burden of licensing, maintaining and monitoring hardware and software.  Hardware and software upgrades will be performed at no additional cost and I/Q documents are provided to the client.

OpTech Private Cloud

Historical data will be securely stored in the OpTech Private cloud which is monitored by mindSHIFT Technologies and managed by BBCS. The OpTech Private cloud is access through a secure VPN connection. Necessary data files will be upgraded for the client to align with the most current file specifications. Transaction files are reduced to only the necessary transactions. Clients are allowed up to 10 GB of data and are given 2 user accounts.

Verification and Validation

Historical data will be transferred using the VPN connection to the OpTech Private Cloud.  Verification tools will be provided to the client to verify the data transfer. The client will receive an Installation Qualification Validation document for their records.  A System Level Test will also be provided to the client for their use in doing System Level Testing.

Timeline for Availability

Upon receiving a signed contract, the approximate timeline for implementing the Look Back Data Management Solution is 8 weeks, from the time the OpTech environment is configured to validation and being ready for go-live. Much of this configuration and testing is done by BBCS or its partners, with minimal effort needed from the client.

•   Establish Client Environment on OpTech Private Cloud: Week 1

•   Establish VPN Connection to Private Cloud: Weeks 2 – 3

•   Migrate Data to OpTech Private Cloud: Week 4

•   Execute Data Migration Verification: Week 5

•   Execute Data Upgrade: Week 6

•   Execute System Level Test: Week 7

•   Review Documentation and Approve Implementation: Week 8

Cost & Terms

The Look Back Data Management SaaS Solution has a one-time set up fee and a monthly charge which is invoiced quarterly that bundles the use of the OpTech Private Cloud, the BBCS Support Services (Copper Level), BBCS Contract Services (IQ validation and SLT creation) and BBCS Software Maintenance.